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So, we’ve added a calendar

We’ve been keeping out Twitter up to date on shows we’ve been to, but we’re looking at getting a little more active here. Probably the easiest part of that seems to be by adding a calendar.

This area’s got a lot of resources for things to do, a lot of places to look. You’ve got the Observer and Central Track (probably the biggest aggregator, but they still miss some things, some of the smaller things) and this newspaper and that rag and that radio station and all the venues’ sites and all the artists’ sites and all the theater companies’ sites and… and…

As a friend asked, a couple weeks ago, “Where’s the one place I can go to find what’s going on, to find this show we’re at now, and the [completely different] one we were at last night?”

Well, as we had found both the events and let her know about them… maybe that’s us.

We’ll miss some, to be sure. Early on, we’ll miss lots. We’ll try to err on the side of local artists and art. We may also find ourselves completely overwhelmed by the sheer volume of places we have to look, and the sheer number of events we have to note.

But we think it’s worth a shot. That’s what the “What’s Happening” link at the top means, and what this will take you to: Calendar

I been bad

OK, so I haven’t posted in awhile.

Admittedly, I spent about half of May on the road (literally–I drove to Chattanooga and back, and then to and from Tahlequah (uh, that’s Oklahoma. See my post on James McMurtry for my joy there).

At least there were beer and rivers at both destinations.

My other excuse: I got terribly lazy. Cripplingly so.

But I have done some writing. And I’m about to post a few things. Not enough to justify 2+ months, but, hey–what do you want from me?

Yeah, yeah, I know–beer and rivers.